Mickey Gaidos vs Terry Adams: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

The battle of Louisianna, Mickey Gaidos vs Terry Adams go head to head at the Red Bull Circle of Balance. Mickey was a last minute addition to the event with Viki Gomez unable to make it. Feel the energy in this one, it was great battle to witness!

3 thoughts on “Mickey Gaidos vs Terry Adams: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

  1. This was REALLY cool . Two amigos going full stop , head to head, in battle ……..BUT at the same time rooting for one another while they were riding , wanting each other to ride their best ! Love Terry and Mickey ……this battle was a rad representation of C.O.B. and the familia aspect of flatland as a unit , not just a sport . This battle reminds me of if Jason Brown , r.i.p. were to battle his amigo Jamie Mccintosh ! That would of RULED……

      • So funny you said this , E , haha. I was chatting with Bobby Burge the night before the contest and he said ” There’s this one tall dude from , I think Canada ? He was ripping during the short pre-jam ! Dude had alot of tricks/ lines , I think his name was……….Jamie ? ” I was chatting with Bobby directly after getting outta work late and almost dropped my phone when he said that and informed Bobby exactly WHO Jamie Macintosh IS and what he’s DONE on a bike……..since 1991 ,ha….I’m still bummed I couldn’t make C.O.B. , Big-E ! Sh-t looked as SLLLLLLAAAMMMED as ever..

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