Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Jam 2022

You already know this a Must Watch! The annual Matsudo year end jam on December 29th never disappoints and when you see the names and output from the riders involved, everyone throws down hammers! I won’t disappoint you with tricks, hit play already!! Thank you Jimalog for this one!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Jam 2022

  1. What a good start for the new year! Such good riding in this edit. All of the riders are impressive, but for me Moto was especially surprising with details that I haven’t seen from him before. Very good to see non-contest footage! The last combo with that turbine in this crazy position at the end is so good!

  2. As always it does not disappoint! I look forward to these all year! Thanks guys. Love that hang 10 barflip Taku did.

  3. 8 minutes and 28 seconds of pure stoke. The edits so crazy, can’t even imagine witnessing this in real life. So rad to see. Thanks Jimalog and Big E for getting this awesomeness out to us!

  4. Dig seeing Aki ‘s melters up close !
    Yu -say no more..
    Moto – adding more to that frenzy move.

    Thx riders / Jimalog

  5. Quite a few new twists in this ! ( stoked ! ) Moto’s turbine side packer, pivot all the way to turbine cross Karls ,his half hiker pivot to x -leg side packer ,pivot to backwards hiker……. a lil zambony , picks it up ,but not to exit THIS time . No sir, he continues linking ! Pivots to Cobain roll , pump to cross Mc circle , steps to cross fire haul , pumps for more speed , ends up in his cross Karl spin / Pelio grind …..picked that up , ending up stepping over to x -leg pumping hang ten , one handed ! Shoji’s rocket turbine / body varial , landing to fudge packer . ( he nails it this time ! ) Getting his cross rocket spin / steam jump to Mc circle or rocket spin ……MULTIPLE times in one line. ( I KNEW that was coming ! ) Ikeda’s cross inside rocket full bike flip to rocket catch / hop to smith ! ( banging ! ) EVERYONE slammed something rad on their bike. This year end edit jam is ALWAYS mental with the riding , filming , etc….MATSUDO year end jam , times 7 !

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