4 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki vs Alex Jumelin: Red Bull Circle Balance 2022

  1. I love how Jumelin randomly freestyles his lines and Sasaki’s spinning pedal / stance Karl ,outta that line . This battle reminds me of say ……if Chris Day and Darren Pelio were to have battled back in the A.F.A. days . Alex’s fakie , hop to cross fire haul , boomerang , mixed with nose manuals ……..and Moto’s switch Karl , steam spins …I dig their original styles . Both ripped ! Thanks AGAIN , Big-E , it’s much appreciated . Happy 2023 , FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM…..

    • As a fellow judge, I don’t think it’s good practise to pass judgement on other judges calls. You guys can fire away, but I’ll stay out of that. Just my two cents.

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