Bruno Zebu vs Jean William Prevost: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

Back on the Red Bull Circle of Balance coverage after a short Christmas break, today we feature the first round battle with Bruno Zebu from Brazil vs Jean William Prevost aaa Dub from Canada. This was a treat!

5 thoughts on “Bruno Zebu vs Jean William Prevost: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

  1. Hell yeaahh….another rad one ! Bruno gets mad respect . His wild x-leg pivots and absurd switches throughout his lines are sick . He stuck to the program going all in , going for it ! Reminded me of how Ucchie just went for it @ the Chiba X-Games , all in . zero compromise …..Dub just went full on his ” 2018 ” , eye of the tiger , zoned in , READY for battle mode ( he’s killed it EVERY year , I just specifically dig that year of his contest dominance ! )….I’m so stoked ya got all these individual battles , Effraim ….seems like I can’t watch enough of C.O.B. 2022 …..

  2. Hell yeah Rodney! This event produced so much of the kind of footage that would make up parts of an Intrikat, Manifesto, or Diversion video that we would re-watch over n over n over. Eating grilled cheese n drinking coffee in the morning happily watching the same videos day after day getting pumped before heading out for a session. Good memories and still good times

    • I hear ya , BZ . These C.O.B. battle videos have that same kind of feel to those epic documentations of flatland ! Chad , Neville , and Bobby captured and brought us so much core riding ,even never before seen footage from riders worldwide …. even themselves , as they’re skilled riders ,also ……These C.O.B. videos sure are a great kick start to a session………they get get ya motivated , humbled and STOKED at the same time . Happy 2023 , BZ ! I’ll be checking your channel for some riding from ya , campeon……

  3. Maybe if red is in the lead because they already qualified higher and they donĀ“t change much from qualification?

    Glad Bruno is finally getting on the competition circuit and I think he is going to get more confident and be a serious contender soon. His battle versus Dub reminded of Dominik (miss that dude riding contests) versus Dub: Back Wheel versus Front wheel.

  4. Bruno Zebu is a good friend and represents all the riders in Brazil, to top them off!! Dub kept the focus until the last battle, hard style and technical combos!

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