Must Watch! Ground Astronauts – Autum Bicycles in Japan!

-GROUND ASTRONAUTS- AUTUM Bicycles in Japan 2012 from deepAutum on Vimeo.

After the Red Bull Circle of Balance contest the Autum Bicycles crew took a trip around the Flatland Planet that is known as Japan! This is a must watch! Dope tricks, locations, japanese lifestyle. Featuring Thomas Deschenaux, Dominik Nekolny, Keiji Nakamura, Matti Röse and Kotaro Tanaka.

12 thoughts on “Must Watch! Ground Astronauts – Autum Bicycles in Japan!

  1. Nobody can forget that Matti Rose is a legend.

    Look at his combo at 4 minutes. Super difficult, stylish and original. It doesn’t get any better than that combo.

    • Yeah there was footage on props. I was talking in general, like on youtube, to post up on here. I remember one run he rode to Metallica and went off! Someone must have it.

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