Must Watch: James White / Searching for Bisseker

So much to love about this new edit from James White, from the creative riding style that asks the question, is this flatland or street? the no handed pedal slide at 2:15 I have never seen before, this edit just flat out made me smile. And reminded me that BMX is fun, and James looks like he’s having the most fun out and about in London. Not to mention a classic Gunshot track to boot. Go watch this one, and get there riding and creating!

11 thoughts on “Must Watch: James White / Searching for Bisseker

  1. Like Akira Okamura ……James has done SO much in terms of every time era of Flatland . All trends , tricks , links , variations ……and CREATED his own versions in all those categories . To see him experimenting and ” painting ” even more creative styles on HIS canvas of FREESTYLE just rules. Correct , E ! This edit just jolts anyone to session right after watching it . His bike slide under the gate …..that raises only after he’s creeped under it ( love that ! ) , slider , revert to gerator roll , no handed hitchhiker , rear wheel wall grind , curved wall -bike slide , hitchhiker power slides , EVERY pedal slide variations , etc ,etc…..this entire edit is freaking mint. Gives me a Erik Elstran , Ben Hucke , even Taj Majelich type of feel good vibe . I bet all of them would STOKE as much as me on White’s current direction of riding. James just still coming up with fresh killa styles and always choosing the perfect jam to his edits is as SLLLAMMMMED as I could hope for. Yes , Effraim …..MUST WATCH and a very motivating edit , indeed.

    • Yes Rodney, I was thinking about Akira Okamura whilst I was watching this. I also like the way James is riding around London for this part, its not filmed in one flat spot for example. “Urban” dare I say it….

  2. Spot on! The man can do no wrong on a bike. Love how he transfers pressure from peg to peg to crave the slide around. Just like reverting around craving a snowboard toe to heel edge. What a style master, and badass film maker/editor as well.

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