19 thoughts on “Must Watch! Owen Bohn / Junkyard switch

  1. RAD !!!! Im amazed at how people roll on the pedasl these days , so smooth , sketchless , LOVE seeing it ! You did this one too BIG E ?!! Was it like in late 2000 , yeah ? Think I remember seeing it , was it in SOUL VIDEO MAGAZINE ?? Still tripping on you TOP ROCK decade thing/ land into hang five trick you did in the middle of your PART in KHEs -PARADE video , pretty sure you INVENTED that move ! Could you please UPLOAD that part to VIMEO ??!! My facebook is down right now, I set it up all wrong ,didn’t know what I was doing and got loads of spam advertisements on my time line, screen glitches ,etc ,etc ,etc ! so I had to delete it for until I set it up again the right way !

    • @Rodney Williams – never did this move, did forward rope on pedal maybe you are getting confused with that? I would like to see that Parade part again also Rodney, sorry dude I don’t have it! This move from Owen is another level, would love to see this guy bring it to the world circuit contests, killer! One of the best clips of the year for me!

  2. Unreal!! makes it look easy too.

    Off topic but sometimes trick names are confusing. You say that’s a steam but isn’t technically a steam grabbing the seat?
    You say cross foot but his feet aren’t technically crossed. Dom does cross foot a lot, pretty easy to see that his feet are crossing over each other resulting in the trick being different. but here he’s on one foot on the side of the bike yet it still denotes the same name as the double footed counterpart? What if Owen was on the other side of the bike? still cross foot or switch foot cross foot that aren’t actually crossed at all. or switch one footed cross foot that’s not crossed…. see my point? What about simply saying he’s switch foot or inward switch foot? makes more sense than saying his legs are doing something they aren’t The level of ambiguity in technical flatland terminology is confusing at times. His feet aren’t crossed, they are in a position that is conducive for crossing feet, but yet his feet are not crossing over each other.

    In NO way am I trying to take away from Owen’s incredible trick here or trying to be a troll! I’m just trying to clarify terminology because all the time I see people using different terminology to describe the same things. We need uniformity or broadening terminology to encompass similar yet different trick characteristics.

    Anyways, killer trick Owen! keep it up!!

    • @Joel Schallhorn – I did abbreviate that term so I might say xft steam without grabbing the bars a’la Jumelin. But to me that’s too long winded when I’m writing that stuff everyday on descriptions. The trick is not on his regular foot therefore is cross foot or x-ft, you do of course have two footed xft which is a different trick like you say Joel. And I’m all for explaining how tricks right, I’ve always grown up on those terms that’s what I have known it for 30 odd years. First example I can think of is caboose, and xft caboose, thats how it was called. Nowadays guys do two footed xfted dump trucks which is a progression of that trick, I could write the full terminology bout honestly don’t think i’d have time in the day.

      More of my problem is when tricks are wrongly called, for example, ramp riders calling a tailwhip nose pick a whiplash. Thats different trick entirely.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      • Yes I drives me insane when I hear ramp riders say that. Another thing that gets me is switch and opposite. Some people say opposite tailwhip some say switch tailwhip. The way I look at is there are 2 different words denoting 2 different concepts so one has to be wrong.
        There was a street rider, Steve Hamilton I believe, that was ambidextrous and could do most his tricks regular and switch footed. With that I’ve always thought switch was more regarding the stance or set up of the trick, much like in skate boarding or snowboarding, riders setting up for tricks switch. Steve was known for his switch foot grinds and going back and forth.
        On the other hand opposite I’ve thought of as the directional execution of the trick (if it applies, like no handers don’t have an opposite for example). opposite tailwhip, opposite barspin, opposite stemlash. all those tricks could be done with a switch footed stance though changing. switch oppo whip, for example. that’d be hard as hell!

        I think about these kind of random things a lot. Its a fun discussion. I believe there has to be a difference within the terms, but hearing people use them randomly drive me nuts in particular.

        Thanks for writing back E!

        • Switch on ramps can be referred to as when you go opposite, but you switch the pedals also (in flat i think its just opposite plus techniques like inside, backwards, spinning, etc). I also thought about your x-ft comment, and for example, junkyard on pedal like owen did xft (junkyards are xfted), if he were to do that regular foot that would be an opposite side forward rope on pedal (that often confused me).

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