Lookback: July 2005 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

July was yet another amazing month for flatland in 2015, as is the nature of the beast with so many videos daily. You can forget what happened and when pretty quickly, lets go back through what went down in July!

GG.M.image Riders, Viki Gomez, Alberto Moya and Varo Hernandez in BCN, for Barcelona Extreme, grabbing a session at the waterfront spot right by the legendary Sea Walls. Viki ends this one as we all thought about doing, but he did it! Good times! Proper summer time vibes to begin July with!

If you missed this one on instagram, it is definitely worth checking this piece of creativity out! Hell yes Fork one!

To celebrate Jody’s 27th anniversary riding bikes, Jody just dropped this short but sweet “Summer Short edit”. After battling a severe back injury for the last year or so, it is great to see some fresh Jody Temple footage. Stoked on the half hiker pivot karl bar flip line at 00:49, and the hang nothing bar flips at 1:17 is so good! Much more than that Jody’s and I guess the Athens crew as well, always look like they are having a blast on their bikes! That’s ultimately what it is all about!

One of the freshest talents coming out of the French flatland scene in the last few years is this guy Kevin Jacob. Who recently moved back to Lyon a few months ago and teamed up with 3K Image to work on this project. Kevin has the nose manual game on lock, so much control on regular version which he does around the spot, back pedalling (00:11) Xft (00:28), not to mention some really nice downside whiplash variations 00:52, 1:17, and a whole lot more! This is a really good watch, don’t sleep on this!

“Sometimes it’s not about learning a new trick it’s about testing yourself putting yourself outside your comfort zone. I decided to spend a week riding opposite and see where it ended up. I now find myself forgetting which is normal and opposite.”
John Yull has been on fire this year, unstoppable! Definitely don’t miss this awesome “Opposites” edit, look out for the opposite double foot jam decade at 00:57! I think we all know what is coming…. Yes John!!!

Short and sweet new edit with Autum Bikes/430 style cat Yuki Sakai killing the back wheel at Shinjuku Park in Tokyo, Japan! So much style!

Bruno Zebu, Willian Buiu, Sergio Balu, Lucas Koala, Mik Penar, Ricardo Alemao, and Misael Mizo take advantage of BCN’s many riding spots during the Barcelona Extreme weekend! Hit play for a good watch!

We Bicycles rider, Bruno Zebu is putting in some work on his consistency levels, check this amazing unedited footage of Bruno throwing down on home soil back in Brazil after his Euro vacation! Great to see some behind the scenes contest preparation going down! Hell yes, Bruno!

There is not much of a better excuse for a jam, than your local riding spot might be soon unrideable. The local council are considering changing the surface to a astroturf surface, Jason Forde and the TGM crew are battling the council to try and preserve this iconic riding spot in West Norwood, London. At short notice the locals held a jam this past weekend, quite a few out of towners made the trip to celebrate the Green Mile, including some tasty back wheel lines from James White. Plenty of good memories riding this spot over the years. Good luck to Jason and all the guys with keeping the riding spot going, so much history!

The annual Holiday Cup contest went down in Kecskemét, Hungary. Organized by Ifj. Lajos Sinkó (congrats to Lajos whose wife just had their 4th baby boy the same day!), Pal Varga, Gabor Szitas and many more, props to everyone involved in keeping the Hunagrian scene alive and kicking, and Sevisual for the edit!

“Getting back on to the bike out of rolling my signature limbless move the “Spider Glide” is hard enough, but getting back on without using my hands straight into another no handed trick has been in my head for a long time.”
I’ve been waiting to see Lee Musselwhite ride out of his spider glide no handed for a long time! It is of course much easier to think it than actually go through with it and do it perfectly! Short and sweet, as well as creative and bloody hard, this ticks all the boxes! Definitely hit play and check this one out! Stoked on this!

As always Jean-William Prevost aka Dub drops some knowledge in this new Decompaz magazine interview, particularly of interest is Dub setting an example and not riding in his own contest (Real City Spin August 29-30). If the video interview is not cool enough, there’s also an online interview to check out also, hit the link below.

Great narrative/riding video here of Claude Hickman, who has been around for as long as I can remember in the flatland scene. Adam Sims does a great job producing this insight into the two worlds Claude lives in as a Christian conference speaker and the other as a passionate flatland rider. Claude breaks down what we do really well, “chasing perfection”. Well worth a watch!

Dub come in hot with this sick Vodooo jam edit, that also doubles up as a Real City Spin hype edit. Here’s what the man himself had to say:
“Combined with the strength of some of the best riders in the World and some superkids from Japan, here is my little Voodoo Jam recap edit! Including full runs from Dez Maarsen, Matthias Dandois (who took the win at stop 3 of the world circuit), Takahiro Ikeda, Jason Plourde,Viki Gomez, Yu Shoji, Kira Komagata and Toon Pakphum. Please share with your friends who think Flatland is dead and show our heart is pumping strong. Shout out to Scott Brien and Terry Adams for another even sicker edition of Voodoo Jam. Next Stop on the World Circuit is RealCitySpin in Montreal, Canada, August 29-30. Check it ou on IG @realcityspin or facebook/realcityspin

Voodoo Jam 2015 was all about these amazing kids from japan aged 11 and 13, they rocked the house right before finals! Not only that, one of the moments of the weekend was when Terry Adams gave away his bike in an emotional speech, watch the video you can see what it meant to Connor you had no idea this was going to go down! Hector Garcia just dropped an article about this giveaway, Hit the link below:

Just before Viki flew out to New Orleans for the Voodoo jam, Waldemar Fatkin made the trip to Viki’s home riding spot in Luxembourg! Watching two of the best go back to back outside of the contest light is a real treat, look out Viki’s xft body varial gerator peg wheelie jump to pedal medal to time machine combo at 3:31, and Waldemar’s multiple jump lashes at directly follows Viki’s line! Great vibes here, definitely worth a watch!


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