Episodes 31-40: The Flatmattersonline Exclusives


It’s time for a recap, episodes 31-40 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives:

In order of appearance (you can also check the time stamp:

William Herve, Paul Chamberlain,Ramon Colon Lopez, Rich Slezak, Ludovic Lufebvre, Effraim Catlow,
Cory Stratychuk, Claude Hickman, Robert Victoria, Peter Miklosi.

We will be back to episode 46 on Sunday. Thank you to everyone for contributing!

Lookback: July 2005 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

July was yet another amazing month for flatland in 2015, as is the nature of the beast with so many videos daily. You can forget what happened and when pretty quickly, lets go back through what went down in July!

GG.M.image Riders, Viki Gomez, Alberto Moya and Varo Hernandez in BCN, for Barcelona Extreme, grabbing a session at the waterfront spot right by the legendary Sea Walls. Viki ends this one as we all thought about doing, but he did it! Good times! Proper summer time vibes to begin July with!

If you missed this one on instagram, it is definitely worth checking this piece of creativity out! Hell yes Fork one!

To celebrate Jody’s 27th anniversary riding bikes, Jody just dropped this short but sweet “Summer Short edit”. After battling a severe back injury for the last year or so, it is great to see some fresh Jody Temple footage. Stoked on the half hiker pivot karl bar flip line at 00:49, and the hang nothing bar flips at 1:17 is so good! Much more than that Jody’s and I guess the Athens crew as well, always look like they are having a blast on their bikes! That’s ultimately what it is all about!

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One Love jam edit + Group Shots

Paul Covey shot this quick edit from this past weekends One Love BMX jam in Zuma Beach, California. Nice clips from Claude Hickman, Chad Johnston, Ahmed Johnson, Jesse Puente, Joey Felix and Dane Beardsley. Feel that Cali laidback vibe…
Thanks to Chad Johnston who sent in a couple of group shots. If you were at the One Love jam, what was the highlight for you?

Long Beach Marina Jam

JFB and Sean Fontenot teamed up to bring you this dope edit from the LBC Marina Jam, with great riding from Bobby Carter, Bo Wade, Todd Carter (check his no footed forward death truck combo out, so sick!!!), Sean Fontenot, Rich Slezek, Claude Hickman, Joey Felix, enjoy the cali vibes!