Must Watch! Sam Foakes – Manchester November 2012

In Foake-us from James White on Vimeo.

How has there been so many good riders come out of the UK?…. There aren’t good spots to ride and we certainly don’t have good weather! outcasts of society, even by those who ride the same wheel size!.. maybe it’s the struggle, our stiff upper lip attitude, left over from generations past? i don’t know, but no one demonstrates this more than this man…..Sam Foakes a true English Gentleman! (unfortunately I deleted half the footage like an idiot but still…..Sam Foakes!! people!!) – James White

37 thoughts on “Must Watch! Sam Foakes – Manchester November 2012

  1. Amazing skills. Sam has mastered the grey areas between balance and momentum. One look at the rideout at 1:25 shows that. The burst of energy with the one handed whips at 1:38. Also liked that he showed that you can glide stylishly at :22 in. Brilliant.

  2. I was thinking, “I guess if your feet don’t touch the ground you can ride on wet pavement.” But then that one clip is in pretty much pouring rain. Incredible riding all around.

  3. Watching this dude ride is like watching Kevin Jones ride circa ’87 through ’97.

    You can’t believe it’s real, and it leaves you floored every time.

    Sam is the new King.

  4. too good. it’s kinda funny watching this as got some early sam foakes footage riding a dyno at urban games about 11 years ago going for double decades amongst other tricks on the front wheel. i’m sure he was in awe of riders like phil, james, michael steingraeber, and many more at those comps yet as time has passed sam has totally proved his skills are legendary in the flatland world. you wouldn’t have been able to do those one handed whips back then on a sabbath. ha. progression at its best.

  5. My favorite rider is back with a vengeance! I can’t stop watching this video, and I’m super-stoked to hear that he might be in Toronto…I hope Sam is able to hit a lot of contests in 2013. As far as I’m concerned, if you talk about originality, difficulty and style…he’s the best.

    That very first clip lets you know immediately what’s going down in this edit. Wow.

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