Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise

Viki Gomez / RISE from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since a Must Watch edit on the site, Viki Gomez just came through with this amazing “Rise” edit put together by Sevisual. Viki’s depth of skill, and variety is just absolutely amazing, this was filmed in two months!!
Some of you will have seen some of the footage on instagram, but there is some unseen footage to add some extra spice..

That ender…. rather than a heavy trick description. Let’s discuss this one in the comments section…

13 thoughts on “Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise

  1. Lots of training, dedication, persistence, open mind to develop and create new tricks and always believe, this is what I just saw and felt, this is not just a motivation for the sport, for BMX FLATLAND athletes, it is a motivation for all people, always believe with hard work everything is possible, thank you VIKI and keep believing…

    • I agree. I must say, l’ve watched more of Vikki for awhile now & l think he’s the best rider in the world right now. He hits everything, varial variations on both sides of the bike, both wheels. You got w’lash to x footed peg wheelies to whatever he wants. He’s consistently gotten better & better and better, over a long period, probably more than anyone.

  2. Wow… such a depth of skills on both wheels! Love this edit, and always love the 90s soundtrack also. Epic!!!

  3. Legit, so legit. There might never be a better rider on both wheels again. I like the switches into backwards backyards and the pivots out of xft to turbine forwards. Nobody else is really throwing down that stuff at contest level consistency.

  4. Insane level, too many tricks and too much style!
    And this for so many years!..
    Thank you Viki and Sevisual for this nugget!

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