Must Watch: Hangin’ on – A Heresy Mixtape


Edit wise the flatland world has been quiet for a while, and then BOOM! We have been blessed with two must watch edits in a week. And boy, is this a treat from arguably the most progressive flatland team worldwide.
New footage from George Manos, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Michael Husser, Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, and Peter Olsen in a mixtape format put together by Sevisual.
It’s a winner, I will digesting this one for a while.

8 thoughts on “Must Watch: Hangin’ on – A Heresy Mixtape

  1. F-k YESSSSS , TIMES 7 is correct ! Skimmed thought it for a couple of minutes find ( to my delight ! ) everything I love about all of Heresy’s team edits ………rad , unique , and fresh riding styles / lines , perfect vibes , and Doom metal for the tunes !! Can’t wait to watch this fully after work ….was juuuuuuust RE- watching ” Slow Drive ” , Alexis’s last edit by Lofti ! ( KILLER edit , indeed ! )

  2. God damn that was good! Best team and edits out there. Everything about it was excellent. Leaves you wanting more.

  3. Love the added VHS feel to make for the good ol’ days vibe, but with new progressive ripping in an online edit. BONGRIPPER for the track was a killer!!

  4. I really really enjoyed that one. some mind boggling pivots and other switches. music atmosphere and mood spot on. Heresy all the way and proud owner of their frame

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