10 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Dennis McCoy!

  1. Seeing his black/metaliic grey master brings back fond memories of the one I bought off Mike Cameron- who had it from Terry Jenkins who had it from the man himself Bob Haro on a trip stateside. wish i still had that frameset.
    Some epic riding in there and you’d be hard pushed to a full 5 minute run nowadays without too much repetition. Flatland was in its infancy and so many tricks were being invented it was a great time to be involved in bmx.

  2. It was a foregone conclusion in those days that if McCoy didn’t touch too many times during his run he would win by a mile. He was just so far ahead of the rest.

    Best BMX bike rider of all time?

    I like when they announce the winner and someone yells Fred Blood. Everyone knew that could never happen.

  3. I think I would agree, DMC, best BMX rider of all time! The “Decade Of Domination” really happened. I hop to Miami hopper was AWSOME, and legit pinky squeaks! Can’t believe he doesn’t have his own brand, unless he knows something the rest of us don’t…. Hmmm

  4. The air was “electric” that day in ATX. So many good memories from the Masters Series in Austin BITD. McCoy smoked his runs always! His 88 run was even more electric in my opinion, though.

  5. DMC was one of only a very few riders (Moliterno, R.L., and Chris Day) that could say “Bring it on” when Kevin Jones came onto the scene.

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