Omari Cato vs Yu Katagiri: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

It’s all about the Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022 here on Flatmattersonline right now. Let’s get to it, first up Omari Cato from the USA goes head to head with Yu Katagiri from Japan!

More battles to follow throughout this week…..

One thought on “Omari Cato vs Yu Katagiri: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

  1. Huge respect to Omari for going in swinging , even slamming his seat stance turbine rocket line ! He went into it mentally ” knuckled up ” , RESPECT to him. He’s really progressed tons over the years and I’m always stoked to see him ride in person , on video . Yu is just mental … flips landing to cross rockets , having that bike flip to pedal stance rope spin so dialed that he freaking catches crank arm , slides down to his pedal ……and his floating , inside spinning pedal stance junk yard roll ! Yu was my personal pick for the N.O.R.A. this year. His full bike flip ,rocket to rocket just smokes , man……..and that’s to START that crazy ass line he unleashes ! This one , another battle I’m hyped on and really set the tone , mood right from the start of C.O.B. ….Thanks again , Effraim !

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