Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012 Livestream

It’s hard to believe the last Red Bull Circle of Balance was ten years ago in Kyoto, Japan. I hd a blast commentating the event back then, the level of riding got heated in those final battles. This one is worth going back and watching again, as we warm up what will be a busy week here on FM!

I will be in New Orleans, covering the event for Flatmattersonline this coming weekend. I’m not commentating the livestream this year, so I will filming. As Red Bull are covering the livestream, I will try and make a series of edits to update you all at home.

Any suggestions welcome in the comments section, and I will see what I can do.

4 thoughts on “Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012 Livestream

  1. I remember this being my first experience watching a sporting event I was into on TV (streaming) with friends, food, beer. I felt like a footballer.

    I totally forgot about Kerry Gatt and Simon Obrien being there to throw down to give respect to the elders.

    And I always forgot that everyone is totally worn out at the end of the contest from doing so many runs.

    Viki has obviously changed with the times, but so crazy to remember him going over time and not being penalized for it. Would he have won if his runs didn´t count back then?

    And Dub jumping off the bike to stop time.

    Can´t wait for Saturday. Also will be cool that Scott will be only announcer. Or will he?

  2. Man, and what crazy guest speakers on your program. And how things have changed.

    Uchie was on Red Bull!
    Viki with front brake.
    Terry after this threw his brakes in the water? Then put them back on?

    And I think this discussion of who is best contest rider of all time needs to go deeper. I would say Trevor still!

    • Yeah its wild to think how much has changed(?). But as much as we think its changed, has it really, sure sponsors change, riders swap back and forth with brakes/brakeless. I was thinking about this the other day, there are still a lot of the same riders involved in the event, which is testament to them. Pretty amazing! And we we have the new generation coming through too.
      The best contest rider of all time is always a tough discussion, when I said Matthias ( I was purely talking about the most consistent ). And I still think he is that, Trevor is right up there of course, you would haver to include Martti too..

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