Repo: The One Love Jam

Text: Effraim.
Photos: EC, Juan Lopez.

Around mid-day Friday, myself and Pete set off for the long drive to Los Angeles for the 10th anniversary of the One Love Jam in Newport Beach, California. We met up with Dylan Worsley about an hour out of SF, and travelled down with Dylan. Like last year, we stayed about an hour outside of Newport Beach, in Corona at Robert Castillo’s house. Friday was a full day of travelling, and when we arrived full party mode was in full effect, we were greeted by Robert, his wife Stephanie, Ruben, EZ Chris, and Bill Nitschke.

After a couple of hours chatting with everyone, and some food & beers after the long day of travel it was time to hit the sack. In the morning after a quick stop at Carls Jnr, we headed down to Newport Beach for the jam. We arrived around mid-day and the spot was already packed with riders spread out across the Elementary School riding spot right on the beach. It literally is a picture perfect Californian postcard setting, and the perfect place for a jam capable of holding over a 100 riders.

I rode pretty much from as soon as we got there till sun down, stopping for water and snack breaks, and capturing a few shots for the site. You can’t beat this Californian weather, and like last year the sun shone all day. Throughout the day meeting so many people, as you wait your turn to go to get back in the riding spot. This year was a lot busier than the last year, it’s so great to see all the different generations of riders come together in one spot. This year seemed like an increase from 120 to 150 riders in attendance as a rough guesstimate, without a doubt the biggest jam I have ever been to.

One of the raddest moments of the day was seeing Jesse Puente rock up to the spot, and throw down a Saturn spin on a borrowed bike to the loudest cheers of the day aside from the raffle presentation at the end. Super dope to see Jesse trying to ride again, and the love he got from everyone. Really a moment you had to be there, to appreciate. Hopefully he gets a new bike soon and starts riding again properly.

Such an experience to see riders from across the globe share the spot, and you cant forget the amazing riding from the likes of Pete Brandt, Gabe Weed, Dane Beardsley, Dylan Worsley, and many more. And riders of all generations get to share these moments with all these riders, towards the end of the day I noticed Dave Voelker, Nate Hansen, Edgar Placensia, Dave Nourie, Brian Blyther were all at the spot taking in what was going down. Towards the end of the day, organiser Darin Wright hollered across the spot for the annual group shot to be followed by a raffle that’s free to enter, and win goodies from all the sponsors. Even a Hoffman Big Daddy (I believe donated by Gabe Weed at Cheap Goods) that went out to a lucky winner this year, absolutely amazing gesture of support for the jam. I have so many photos from the jam, I will be doing a few more photo galleries throughout the week. I’ll keep this short and sweet for now…

The One Love Jam continues to grow, I hope to make it back next year for the third year in a row. Thanks to Darin Wright for hosting this jam. Look out for more photogalleries and updates from my trip out here to California. MLK weekend next year! Days 5-7 of my trip done. Time to go ride the Clocktower!

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  1. Wow ! This seems to get better EVERY year ! SO stoked as well, Giannis , just taking in these rad photos , imagining how dope all of the riding , vibes ,and overall great time that was had by everyone, on AND off their bikes ! Gracias again , Big-E . These daily re-caps were friggin spot-on ,and cool to read every day . Bruuuuuuuuv ……Worsley , Hanson , Melo , in attendance ?! Looking forward to all the lil videos / edits that I HOPE will hit the net on THIS soon ! Gotta really try and make one of these , hopefully next year !

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