SF Clocktower Sessions with Pete Brandt, Dane Beardsley and Sean Parker

Public Transit from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

Darin Wright over at One Love, just came through with this banger edit filmed in one session at the infamous San Francisco Clocktower spot. Featuring resident, Pete Brandt, Dane Beardsley and Sean Parker, this is so good!
Music track on point, vibes, nice mix of riding styles, this one got me stoked and no doubt will get you stoked too!

Repo: The One Love Jam

Text: Effraim.
Photos: EC, Juan Lopez.

Around mid-day Friday, myself and Pete set off for the long drive to Los Angeles for the 10th anniversary of the One Love Jam in Newport Beach, California. We met up with Dylan Worsley about an hour out of SF, and travelled down with Dylan. Like last year, we stayed about an hour outside of Newport Beach, in Corona at Robert Castillo’s house. Friday was a full day of travelling, and when we arrived full party mode was in full effect, we were greeted by Robert, his wife Stephanie, Ruben, EZ Chris, and Bill Nitschke.

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Repo: The 2019 One Love Jam

Text: Effraim.
Photos: Effraim, Juan Lopez, Bobby Carter.

The 9th annual One Love Jam in Newport Beach, California was lived up to all the hype I have heard over the years. We were staying around an hour away in Corona, and I believe it was James McGraw who said “it will be sunny at the beach Effraim”. I remember thinking “yeah yeah, that’s not going to happen”, low and beyond we arrive at picture perfect Newport Beach and the sunshine is booming, girls in bikinis everywhere, hockey players, and a fast smooth newly resurfaced riding spot which is large enough to hold 120 riders pretty comfortably with a California beach backdrop.

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Zumbi Jam 2012 Promo

ZumbiJam2012 Promo from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Sweet lil’ turbine hitch combo from One Love’s Darin Wright, warming up for next weeks Zumbi jam!

The Zumbi Jam is back. Come out and ride November 17th 2012 at Santa Rosa High School (SRHS) 1235 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA. Jam starts at 11am till dark, beer and BBQ later at the new Santa Rosa Flat house!