5 thoughts on “Ryo Katagiri: A little clip

    • Yes simple ideas, must admit I watched this and thought like all good ideas. Why have I never seen anyone do this? Doing this time period where everyone is inside, maybe some good will come out of it in terms of creativity?….

  1. Totally DIDNT see that coming………..RAD ! SPINNING , facing backward gerator , mid-line . I had a lil feeling Ryo was cooking up some fresh style , riding @ their flatland school that was featured in that REGENERATIONS edit , couple months ago . I REALLY dig this move . Bruv……I didn’t learn to properly SCUFF , just a BASIC spastic gerator , controlled ……till like 2014 , haha. Id get all sketchy , fall over trying it for YEARS ! This dude is facing BACKWARDS AND SPINNING IT ! Flatland THEN and NOW is ……..MENTAL , these days …….like an 8 TRACK player……….to a I-POD player , haha……..again , REALLY digging this move……….in my opinion ……its NUMER 11 , for the EXCLUSIVES clips for this site !

  2. It looks strange because it looks like he is spinning forward but facing backwards. I like this breaking down a trick before it goes into a crazy link. short but very sweet.

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