Fise 2013 Flat Finals Broadcast + AM Results!

Finale BMX Flat Pro – FR – FISE World… by fise

Here is the french recording of the Fise 2013 Flat finals! At over 1 hour 20, it was quite a show! If you missed it, or want to rewatch here it is!

Congratulations to Kamai Jenza holding the top spot from prelims through to the finals, anyone have any AM footage from the contest?

Fise AM Finals

1- Kamai Jenza
2- Page Fred
3- Brill Kevin
4- Issabre Gaz
5- Pargas Miguel
6- Melone Renaud
7- Meyer Kevin
8- Feliz Guillaume
9- Vasseur Dorian
10- Delaporte Nicolas

Viki Gomez wins Fise 2013!

1-Viki Gomez
2-Matthias Dandois
3-Alex Jumelin
4= Jean Francis Boulianne
4= Keelan Phillips
4= Jean William Prevost
8- Thoams Deschenaux
9-Romain Dodelier
10- Dez Maarsen
11-Dan Hennig
12- Thomas Noyer
13- Kevin Jacob

What a great show! Flat finals just went down in a windy Montpelier, France! Massive crowds! Using the Red Bull COB format, the final was a three way battle between Matthias, Alex and Viki. The final took a few twists and turns, Alex dropped his brakeless stem pinky combo, Viki finished strong with a huge back wheel line and ended with a massive last steam kickflip to halfpacker pivot opposite xft hitch pivot to steam to xft halfpacker to hitch combo which ultimately took the win, as Matthias couldn’t nail his last foot on the bar spinning hitch line. Amazing riding from the Fise contest! Congratulations Viki, Matthias and Alex!

FISE Montpellier – Flatland Contest News

This year Fise enlisted the help of Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin to help organise the Fise contest in Montpelier, France. Here’s what Matthias had to say:

“Hi everyone!

Flatland at F.I.S.E is back stronger than ever! This year, Alex Jumelin and I are taking care of the business!
Here is what to expect!

Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th 2013 Free practice Pro/Am

Friday 10th May 2013 18h50 20h30 Qualification BMX Flat Pro

Saturday 11th May 2013 12h00 13h45 Qualification BMX Am

Sunday 12th May 2013 12h30 13h00 Final BMX Am

14h00 15h00Final BMX Pro

The flatland area will be located at the same spot than last years, in the middle of the festival!

Pro Qualifications:
One run of 2min 30sec
Am Qualifications:
One run of 2min
Am Finals:
one run of 2min 30 sec
Pro Finals:
12 riders make the cut from qualifications. They will fight for the F.I.S.E title in a one to one battle “Red Bull Circle of Balance” style.

Each riders has his own clock. and can use his time (2min) the way he wants.
Exemple: riders A starts his combo. His clock starts. When riders A finishes his combo, he raises his hands. his clock stops while riders B clocks starts. Rider B has to start his combo as quick as possible so he doesn’t waste his time. When rider B is done riding, he raises his hand so his clock stops and riders A clock starts. etc etc.
When there is only 10 sec left on the clock, riders can’t stop their time anymore, and they have to finish their combo before the buzzer. Any tricks not completed after the buzzer will not count.
The decision will be made by the judges with flags (black and red).
The riders who win make it to the semi final. The riders who lose is automatically out.
Same system for the semi-final but 2min 30 on the clock.

There will be a 3 mens final: Each rider will have two runs of 1 min and a last tricks of 30 sec.

Prize money: 5000€ (6500US$)

1st place: 1700€ (2200 US$)
2nd place: 1000€ (1300 US$)
3rd place: 800€ (1050 US$)
4: 300€ (400 US$)
5: 300€ (400 US$)
6: 300€ (400 US$)
7: 100€ (130 US$)
8: 100€ (130 US$)
9: 100€ (130 US$)
10: 100€ (130 US$)
11: 100€ (130 US$)
12: 100€ (130 US$)

With Alex, we really wanted to reward every single riders who make it to the finals.
There will be good prizes for the amateur qualified in the final, offered by our sponsors!

We’re finalizing the judges.

The contest will be host by Lionel Cardoso and Catfish

The pro flatland final will be live on the FISE web cast and live on the french TV channel MCS extreme.

We already have big names coming for the contest such as:

Dominik Nekolny (CZ)
Waldemar Fatkin (GER)
Keelan Phillips (UK)
JF Boulianne (QC)
JW Prevost (QC)
James Mc Graw (USA)
Bo Wade (USA)
Raph Chiquet (France)

and many more…

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail (

You can find even more details and register on the FISE website: or the FISE app available on your smartphone!”