Fise “Battle of the Champions” returns to Saudi Arabia

In 2018, the first-ever major BMX competition in Saudi Arabia took place. Next week, FISE returns to The Kingdom for the second time.
The Battle of the Champions invitational event will take place on March 14-19 at Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa Oasis. Al-Ahsa is around 1,000 miles northeast of Jeddah, the site of last year’s inaugural BMX event. Invited riders below, missing Matthias Dandois, curious if that has been missed out as a surprise or if he simply can’t make it…

Alex Jumelin
Jean William Prevost
Kevin Nikulski
Benjamin Hudson
Raphaël Chiquet
Alberto Moya
Poosa-Art Pakphum
Masato Ito
Thomas Noyer
Dez Maarsen
Sieste Van Berkel
Dan Hennig
Tyler Gillard