Grenoble Contest – 6/7th July

Quentin Pelorson hit me with some event news coming up shortly in Grenoble, France!

“The Grenoble contest will take place the 6th & 7th of July, and this year this idea is to highlight the atmosphere and the riding,
this is why the contest format will change.
Previous years because of the number of rider, qualifications were useless because all the riders rode the final.
With this observation, this year Saturday 6 will be a challenge day.
The idea is to allow every rider to ride and have fun together, during the day some challenge open to every rider will be started.

For example the nose wheelie challenge : during the given time for this challenge, every rider who want to try to pulled the longest or crazyest nose wheelie will ride alternately
without limit of attempt. the winner will appear by him-self and every rider will discuss to find the nose wheelie master.

There will be also a whiplash challenge, spinning challenge and a best trick at the end of the day.
The idea is to push each other to put our hardest trick and forget usual routines.

A contest according to a jam format will take place the sunday afternoon :
Riders will ride alternately and will have 2 attempt each time to put a trick.

A preJam is organized the Friday 5th at the end of the afternoon.

Pro prize money : 600e
1) 300e
2) 200e
3) 100e

Feel free to comment and give idea for the challenge day.

See you in Grenoble to ride!”