Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 1 in Huntington Beach, CA

Round 1 of the 2019 AFA series went down yesterday at the Common Grounds Bike Shop in Huntington Beach, California. Congratulations to Jean William Prevost who took the first place honours, followed by Kevin Nikulski and James McGraw rounding out the podium. In the expert class, congratulations to Rennace Tomko took the win followed by Kevin Edwards, and LA local, Joey Felix in the third spot. In the Olds Cool class, Mr Bizhouse himself, Shawn White took the win followed by Gabriel Jimenez and Terry Bellman, congratulations guys! In the novice class, Ken Kitley made the trip out from Arizona to take the win followed Ava and Coda McGraw, congratulations Ken, Ava and Coda. Round 2 goes down in Detroit, Michigan in around a month.Thanks to Todd Carter for the podium shots and results.

1. Jean William Prevóst
2. Kevin Nikulski
3. James McGraw
4. Bo Wade
5. Gabe Weed
6. Bryan Huffman
7. Ahmed Johnson
8. Brian Tunney
9. Frank Ruiz
10. Joel Moody
11. Todd Carter

1. Rennace Tomko
2. Kevin Edwards
3. Joey Felix
4. Jin Park
5. Bodean Maarsen
6. Sean Porter
7. David McDuffie

Old’s Cool
1. Shawn White
2. Gabriel Jimenez
3. Terry Bellman
4. Dan Hull
5. Leonard Foster
6. Gary Clark
7. Alex Lim
8. J.P. Maksimo
9. Todd Shoemaker

1. Ken Kitley
2. Ava McGraw
3. Coda McGraw
4. Tristan McIntyre
5. Anthony Yourgulez