Moments Flatland Film by Anthony Schneidewind

A real treat tonight from over ten years of footage primarily from the Mid West scene in the USA. Anthony Schneidewind is not only one talented rider, but also quite the film maker. Featuring the likes of Chris Armstrong, Ron Monis, Todd Gully, Seth Johnson, Chad Gale, Kestrel Roopnarine, Dan Hamilton, Marty Clark, Anthony Schneidewind, Chase Gouin, Jean William Prevost, Mates Tucek, Will Redd, James McGraw, Matt Wilhelm and many more.. This one is well worth your time and attention, and all in dedication to a special man who touched all of our hearts, RIP Hiro Tsuchida.

How-to Hang 5 / Peg Wheelie / Whiplash

Trick of the month – Flatland edition from OrbitBmx® on Vimeo.

Kestrel Roopnarine takes you through how-to hang 5, peg wheelie, and whiplash. And towards the end shows you how all of those tricks can link together. Great to see a rise in the number of flatland how-tos recently, that can only be a good thing!