Midwest Flatland Jam 2017

Midwest Flatland Jam 2017 from Anthony Schneidewind on Vimeo.

Anthony Schneidewind just came through with a really nice edit from the Midwest Flatland jam a few weeks back at the Q Skatepark in Indianapolis, USA. Featuring Steve Mulder, Bill Nitschke, Chris Armstrong, Jake Jackson, Burd Phillips, Kevin Washington, Scott Byrd, Marty Clark, Tony Schneidewind, and many more. Great stuff from Indianapolis!

York Jam 2017

It’s a big week here on Flatmattersonline with Ninja Spin at the end of the weekend, MOC entries closing, plus the regular daily posts. Kicking off with this nice edit from this weekends 27th York jam featuring Jim Cavanugh, Scott Powell, Stephan Cerra, Freddy Brown, Bryan Huffman, Sunny Singh, Martin Drazil, Jilliepoo & Dezairay, Bill Nitschke, Trevor Watring, Scott Denoncourt, Kevin Washington, Scotty Duszlak, Trey Leeper, Will Danner, Mark Mcgrade and many more…

Kevin Washington – Rainy Day Sesh

Rainy Day Sesh from Fla$e Profit on Vimeo.

Lets start the week with a short clip(s) from a fresh face. Always good to see new faces sending videos in. Kevin had this to say about his video….
“I’ve been doing bar spins out of rollbacks for a while now, but it was always been the bar spin style with one foot on the back peg and one foot on the pedal. I finally can do it with both feet on the pedals.” Keep it up Kevin!