Canadians 3

canadians 3 from rtaylor on Vimeo.

This morning I randomly got the urge to watch Canadians 3, filmed mostly in 1997 by Jason Brown. So much good riding in this from the likes of Jason himself, Andrew Faris, Martti Kuoppa, Stephane Royer, Dan Rigby, Cory Stratychuk and many more. Forgotten styles and tricks, well worth watching again!

ART BMX Webzine #0!

No more reviews of ART BMX Magazine needed! It’s all here for you online now free of charge for everyone worldwide! Issue #0 has a ton of varied content, but of flatland interest Alain Massabova’s Custom ride, Viki Gomez & Jesse Puente Flat Kings, Red Bull Circle of Balance, Stephane Royer Interview, stood out on first look through, there is so much more. Enjoy this!