The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of November!

Deadline day today for the 2nd annual Year end awards, today we go through the best videos of November and December! First things first, check out what went down in the month of November!

β€œIt’s great to do fancy edit with crazy cameras and after effect but sometimes it definitely affects the riding quality. Matthias went back to the basic with this new edit: One tripod, One iPhone and 3 months to film the hardest tricks he can do on a BMX bike. As simple as that.”
Check this latest edit from Matthias Dandois for La Cremerie Bmx, great to see him back riding and starting to create new tricks on his bike, from the 4:00 minute especially stood out for me as Matthias pushes new tricks front and back wheel, and the last two bangers from 4:48 – no handed spinning halfpacker whip to crackpacker and backwards spinning framestand tomahawk to pendulum halfpacker! Stop what you are doing and enjoy this one!
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