Terry Adams wins Trans Jam Stop 2 in Athens, GA!

Photo credit: Terry Adams.

Stop 2 of the Trans Jam contest series went down yesterday in Athens, Georgia. Terry Adams made the journey down from New Orleans and took the win, with Stop 1 winner Dane Beardsley in second, and Isaiah Jordan in third place. Congratulations, Terry, Dane and Isaiah!

Flatland Beginner Results:
1-Justin Morrison
2-Eddie Rovi
3- Hannah Roberts
4- Indy Nowak

Flatland Expert Results:
1-Mark Coates
2-Steven Tubiolo

Flatland Pro Results:
1- Terry Adams
2- Dane Beardsley
3- Isaiah Jordan
4- Alex Jumelin
5- Luiz Dos Santos
6- Andy Cooper
7- Keith King

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