Shaka Brah! – One Love Jam Teaser

Shaka Brah! from OneLoveBmx on Vimeo.

Enjoy this quick One Love teaser from the man himself, Darin Wright. Featuring Isaiah Jordan, Bill Nitschke, Bobby Carter, Jody Temple and Andrew Wickham. Excited to see the full edit from what looks like another amazing One Love jam!

Charlotte, North Carolina BMX Freestyle Flatland Jam 2016

Freddy Brown put together his nice edit from the Charlotte, North Carolina jam recently featuring Bryan Huffman, Isaiah Jordan, Kevin Washington, Mark Coates, Lee Mejia, Erin Fricke, Fox Kinsman, Jason Harrison and Freddy. Hit play!

Terry Adams wins Trans Jam Stop 2 in Athens, GA!

Photo credit: Terry Adams.

Stop 2 of the Trans Jam contest series went down yesterday in Athens, Georgia. Terry Adams made the journey down from New Orleans and took the win, with Stop 1 winner Dane Beardsley in second, and Isaiah Jordan in third place. Congratulations, Terry, Dane and Isaiah!

Flatland Beginner Results:
1-Justin Morrison
2-Eddie Rovi
3- Hannah Roberts
4- Indy Nowak

Flatland Expert Results:
1-Mark Coates
2-Steven Tubiolo

Flatland Pro Results:
1- Terry Adams
2- Dane Beardsley
3- Isaiah Jordan
4- Alex Jumelin
5- Luiz Dos Santos
6- Andy Cooper
7- Keith King