Throwback Thursdays – International Sneaker Pimps

International Sneaker Pimps from Zachary Poland-Shaw on Vimeo.

ISP's Part 2 from Zachary Poland-Shaw on Vimeo.

ISP's Part 3 Mike Steingraber from Zachary Poland-Shaw on Vimeo.

Euro X-Games ISP's Part 4 from Zachary Poland-Shaw on Vimeo.

Here we have a nice treat for Throwback Thursdays, Zach Shaw kindly in sent in this gem from filmed all over the world during 2000-2001. Great footage from the Euro X Games, Mike S in Australia, X Trials in Louisville. This video comes in four parts featuring the likes of Takashi Ito, York Uno, Matti Rose, Simon O’Brien, Kotaro Tanaka, Martti Kuoppa, Aaron Behnke, Matt Wilhelm, Nathan Penonzek, Alex Jumelin, Trevor Meyer, Dan Rigby, Cory Stratychuk, and many more! Enjoy this throwback treat, thanks Zach!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – International Sneaker Pimps

  1. Great TBT this week… I’m sure it was a nightmare for judges to deal with, but contests were much funner to watch with all those different rider styles in play.

  2. some damn good riding going on here, thanx 4 sending it Zach. stoked on the Mike S footage – dudes been one of my faves forever.

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