Throwback Thursdays with Kevin Jones

Happy birthday this week to flatland godfather, Kevin Jones who just turned 48! A great excuse to re-up his groundbreaking run from the AFA Masters in Bristol, PA where he unveiled the hitchhiker and backpacker for the first time, as well as a ton more K originality! Thank you Kevin for everything, well worth a rewatch!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Kevin Jones

  1. I know every person, who knows and respects Kevin, has said it time and time again, but when Kev pulled the hitchhiker and backpacker, you really get a feel from the crowd noise of how incredible it was to see him pull those tricks off! In my opinion, The K is the G.O.A.T. – period!

  2. I was at this comp earlier during the day we seen the hitchiker but no one still knew what the backpacker was it was deafaning. Funny part during the day large ray was heckling dennis mccoy “hey dennis ready to get your ass kicked by kevin today”.

    • Rt – so Awesome to hear something more about this! For me it was just the coverage from freestylin’, I actually ordered that issue from trend as the mags were so hard to get in the UK at that time

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