Throwback Thursdays with Paul Osicka!

This weeks Throwback Thursday with Paul Osicka. Check his section from Standard Country, this came out in 2000. Paul was hugely influential. For all the new cats who might not have seen this, watch all the walkaround squeaker stuff, flapjack combos, and the backwards g turn towards the end. Great track from EPMD. Groundbreaking!

17 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Paul Osicka!

  1. iconic section. forgot i still have this on vhs. always loved pauls riding and his section on style cats is the dogs danglies.

  2. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before! So many parts in this I had to rewind at least once to understand…and I still don’t understand. So good.

  3. One of the best to ever play the game. Loved the way he rode it all! Super smooth and inventive style on flat, street and park. I’d love to see his section from the standard Euro-tour tape if anyone has it.

    • @TJ – Pretty much although do recall he had a pretty cool section on Fox Expendable 3, 2002? And Mutt had that jam for him in 2007, not sure if he rode there or not?
      @Bobby- So sick, love the messiah boomerang messiah. Great part!

  4. and the bikes weight at that time was around, humm, 12-16 kg, 26-36 lbs, that makes me suppose that could add difficulty for tricks execution.
    Too much flow, too much style, bad ass rider!!!!!

  5. I never imagined Paul ever not riding. Just figured his mind would finally snap and he’d find some dirt semi flat spot to ride with the yetis!?!?!?

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