11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Pete Olsen

  1. Amazing rider, amazing edit. Even for 4 years old its fresh – proof there should be contests in big parking lots again!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s hard to imagine that it wasn’t selling. I’m not sure man. I mean, I guess it wasn’t selling well enough or maybe S&M aren’t doing so well as other brands have a better hold on the main market – being the street game. As far as I was told, they just had to scale it back a bit. I mean, honestly, they were giving me stuff and I’m pretty sure that I never helped them sell anything.

  2. @ 38 SECONDS ! His crazy ……I can barely describe this , I had to press play , pause , play , pause , haha…….ummmm …… he does a switch X-leg whiplash , steps and changes direction to a quick one handed -double foot front yard roll , then he body varials / pivots , ends up rolling forward again to another switch X-leg whiplash !! This edit DOES still hit HARD with extreme levels of difficulty ……it made edit of the year for good reason in 2015. This edit could drop TODAY and fit right into todays progressive flatland ! Yeeeaah , Olsen !

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