Yu Katagiri wins Japan Cup in Nagoya

Congratulations to Yu Katagiri, winner of Round 1 of the Japan Cup followed by Yu Shoji and Masato Ito. The contest took place at Oasis21, you may remember the venue from one of Bobby Carters Diversion videos. Hopefully some footage soon.

One thought on “Yu Katagiri wins Japan Cup in Nagoya

  1. Eager to see video of this , myself. Yu shreds . I’m still stoked on that line he did @ last year’s , I think…… 2nd Chimera Games ? He threw all of his bangers into one line while battling for 1st. Not to mention it’s been the longest line that I’ve seen him do……which was an extra bonus for me ,ha….Shoji with the X-leg jack hammers and Masato with original style / lines …..again , eager to see video of this entire thing.

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