Effraim Catlow: BMX Banter Podcast

Photo: Mate’ Hocopan.

It’s not often I promote myself on the site. A few weeks ago I caught up with Jon Dowker and Anthony Berardi for a chat for an episode of the BMX Banter podcast.

We discuss my roots in riding, the U.K. scene, why I run Flatmattersonline, competing across the globe for thirty years, my new edit, plus my views on so many rider related topics such as Instagram vs Videoparts, and much more.


2 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow: BMX Banter Podcast

  1. It really seems like the importance of music and bmx maybe isn´t touched on enough and possibly something lost on the newer generations as its got it more international; without bmx and contests and videos I wouldn´t know a bunch of bands and music I listen to. Like, Mark Eaton´s taste, Rampage/Standard Byke Company and BS series tastes, Wire Zine and Video tastes. And the idea of DMC´s runs without the music is totally on point, his tricks wouldn´t have popped without that soundtrack.

  2. Totally agree , E . Cats really need to encourage each other more , leave a positive comment . Just a couple of kind genuine words go a long way and motivate people’s riding . Ya also have a valid point on video parts , top 5 riders on your list , and the benefits of contests in the sport . This was a really great listen , chat between you three . I hope if the Duke does a second one with you…….you really get into your 1997 , blue Standard shorty frame , O.G. bars , candy bar decade ,lands to freak squeak , long links era of your riding. As I’ve said countless times over. Your section in O.G. Marton’s Parade BMX video……THAT section of yours really influenced me as a rider . ( still to this day. ) It was also the first time I saw video of your riding. I’d pay a good amount for anyone to upload that section and entire video online. ( the riding , music , vibe…so rad , times 7 . ) Thank you , Big-E / BMX Banter….

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