Owen Bohn wins 2023 UrbanRuralRide + Full final results

What an awesome weekend at the annual Urbanruralride in Saint Yan, France. This is one of the best contests on the calendar, congratulations to Owen Bohn winner of Pro class, the final four battle was intense!

Also, congratulations to Aude Cassagne winner of the Women’s Class, Jean Michel Chauvel winner of Veteran, Nils Buyse who took his first win in Masters, and Mathis Valade who made a huge stride from last place last year at this contest to first place this year, and in both qualifying and finals. Big scene in France, seventy riders in total competed, this is a real community event with a lot of love, and passion put into it and it shows! Look out for a repo later in the week.

4 thoughts on “Owen Bohn wins 2023 UrbanRuralRide + Full final results

  1. Very happy for Owen Bohn! He is a magician level innovator. But by winning this contest, he proved to be an athlete as well.

  2. There’s probably a dope edit in the works. I’m hyped to see footage too, just got to hang in there and wait for the drop. Looking forward to seeing what Owen’s been up to.

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