Yu Shoji wins Fise UCI World Cup in Montpellier

What a final! The rain thankfully cleared, Yu Shoji took the top spot today in an epic final, followed on the podium by Kio Hayakawa and Jean William Prevost. Buzzing off the energy this crowd creates here in Montpellier, France. Congratulations to Yu, Kio and Dub.

Watch the finals here:

2 thoughts on “Yu Shoji wins Fise UCI World Cup in Montpellier

  1. well deserved win although I thought Yu & Kio should have had a final battle runoff since they both had a touchdown, but that’s just me.

    Kio landing x-footed from that backside Smith decade for the ender was nuts!!!

    only thing bad about the contest was the audio feed on the live stream was horrible, hopefully FISE AV techs work that out next time …

  2. The livestream was rad . Great riding by all. Stoked on Matthias’s new twists in his lines and just the way he randomly freestyles his stuff having the time of his life . He ain’t sweating the competition , pressure at all …..looks like he’s just in a every day riding session , and STILL killing the floor . Viki’s riding…. always eye candy . Loved his lines . Laid back , smooth , and signature finesse . So dope seeing Shoji plowing through ,up the ranks in contests . Hell bruv , I knew that was coming after seeing him double decade outta lines in 2005 . He hadn’t even been riding 8 years ! I told him @ Flatland Voodoo Jam that he’s gonna be an elite cat in contests in no time . Masashi Itani translated what I was saying to him , ha. Always stoked on these F.I.S.E. events…thanks , E !

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