Groundtactics semifinals just in!

Some great entries for the Semi final round, much respect to everyone that entered. Martti just posted the results! Congrats to all the finalists!!!

1. Sam Foakes 275 points
2. Moto Sasaki 269,5 points
3. Peter Olsen 268 points
4. Takahiro Ikeda 248 points tie
4. Stephan Fabien 248 points tie
5. Toon 245 points
6. Jeromino 244 points
7. David Nagy 242 points
8. Navid Saleki 232 points
9. Remy D 223 points
10. Mastoalbi 216 points
11. Caternellis 212 points

Top 8 goes to the next final round.

Please submit NON EDITED 3 minute video clip. (Non edit means you record 3 minutes of your riding without a pausing record) we want to see consistency level of your riding. And hard tricks!

Deadline: 20th of June 2010. Clips coming in after deadline will not be judged.

Top 3 riders will be selected from those clips to REAL live finals in Helsinki, Finland on 7th of August 2010. Flights will be paid. (I will confirm this one really soon, next week) By the way, sorry for changing some of the things in the guidelines along the way. This has been a test year as we do it first time ever. Please understand… Thanks.