Kerry Gatt edit

Edit dedicated to Parris Whakarau RIP brother.”

New Terry Adams clip

Yesterday Terry and Vanessa were in line waiting for iphone 4 at 4am, Terry filmed this lil combo when he got home in the yard, more to come from TA.

Randy Morales edit

Randy is 41, and still shredding, this got me pumped and maybe you to!

Travis Collier and Friends in Hamburg

Fumiya Kanna edit

Christie Flat Freestyle 2010

Lachlan Cameron just finished new edit riding with his buddies, check it!

Matthias Dandois interview in new US ride

Keep an eye out for this one! Matthias has big interview in this months US Ride, big respect to Fat Tony pushing flat as much as possible!!

Hiro Morizaki drops a new one!

Hiro dropped this on his blog a few hours ago, sick move!

Cory Strat mini edit

Always good to see stuff from Cory, check it!

York Uno flatland workshop

York does his bit for young kids getting into flatland, japan grassroots style, the young kid kills it already! This is great!