Hallo Wheelie Jam 2009

Old school sundays…

This week, old school Trevor Meyer!! 87 style!

Windy Ham Jam edit

Matthias Dandois wins Vibration Urbaines!

News just in off MD’s twitter. Stoked to see Raphael up there in the mix! (again)

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Adam Kun
3-Raphael Chiquet

Photo credit: Matthias Dandois.

Whitey, Mario and Yinka win UK Battle!

News just in from Chris Massey, top 3 at this time, in all classes…


1-James White
2-Keelan Phillips
3-Norbert Onodi

1-TGM Maz
2-Andy Wood
3-Ashley Adams

2-Alex Romain
3-Stu McLaren.

Congrats to all, esp Yinka winning his first contest! Keep it up, good to see the new generation coming up!

Pete Brandt clip

Spinning power mower? Awesome to see Pete B still hard at it!

More Mocci

Mocci @ Kanazawa

Marcos Des Jesus rocking it in Orlando!

Kazuma Nakajima