"Keep Riding" rap track by Rad dad

I never thought I’d be posting a rap tune about flatland on flatmatters! Rad dad never ceases to amaze me! Great flow! Check out his first track below! For Lyrics check out his site right here! Much love for the big shoutout Rad dad!


Keep Riding by bmxfreestyler

Circul8 Results!

Right now I only have the top three in Pro, Masters and Am, congrats to all the Top 3 in each class, especially JF, Tyler Gilliard and Mark Kuhlman winning their classes. DUB got it in done in style in Montreal! Look forward to some videos..

1st Jean-Francois Boulianne.
2nd Percy Marshall.
3rd Francois Cote.

1st Tyler Gilliard.
2nd Jon Dowker.
3rd Prasheel Gopal.

1st Mark Kuhlman.
2nd Alexis La Grassa.
3rd Chris Mclean.

1999 – 2Hip Contest USA – Escondido/Ca – EDITLESS

Great footage from the Clayborn24 archives…
Results : 1- Marcos Jesus (Pig), 2- Ross Smith, 3- Day Smith.

Trap (2009 Japanese DVD)

Big thanks to “Zolsmov” for uploading the 2009 Japanese DVD Trap for all to see…

The O.G. Trailer

Tight production on this trailer edit by Anthony Crespo, “I shot my first video of the O.G. almost five years ago. I came back to visit after being in NY for two years focusing on my career. I wanted to experiment with my camera and see how I’ve progress in my skills as a filmmaker in the past years. This is the outcome. I hope you all enjoy.”

The O.G. Trailer from Anthony Crespo on Vimeo.

Nene short clip

Back wheel killer!!

Piracity Bmx 2 "Compilation"2000-2001

Shane Badman wins the 2011 BMX Games!

Events worldwide this weekend, big shoutout and congrats to my good buddy Shane Badman on a roll down under! Another contest, another win! At this time, I only have the Pro top three…

1st Shane Badman.
2nd Lee Kirkman.
3rd=Shaun Jarvis and Paul Knox.

Adam Kun wins Sunday contest in Caen

Dont know much about this, other than the top three results! Any other details anyone?
1. Adam Kun.
2. Jean Bulhon.
3. Alex Jumelin.

Kotaro Tanaka Flatground 04