400 North Jam 2018

Lachlan Cameron and friend threw down a fall flatland jam at Barre skatepark, before winter kicks in and got a nice turnout. Brandon Fenton, Paula, Wade Nelson (old school rider), Freddy, Dave, Matt and Aaron Wright, Lachlan, Erin Fricke, (not shown in the video as she had a hurt wrist) all came out for a jam. Hit play, get motivated go and organise a jam in your area and get everyone together.

One thought on “400 North Jam 2018

  1. Is the guy with what looks like he’s using an old school coaster, with a Dia Compe seat clamp to bolt the brake anchor, exactly that? If so, he must be the first rider using a coaster with the brake pads, since I last saw Rick Moliterno. At least that I’ve seen.

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