6 pages of Flat in Issue 2 of Case Magazine!

Issue 2 of Case Magazine has been out a while now, its free!  Editor Mike Netley deserves a hefty pat on the back for providing us with six pages of Level Vibes coverage, Johann Chann does a great job with a light hearted 10 point breakdown of level vibes (ten years since level vibes get it?) with Robert Voller also providing a few photographs. Small interviews with Sam Foakes, Phil Dolan, Myself and of course Mr LV, James White, nuff humour! Quote from James’ interview “What are some of the best ways to put Phil Dolan off in a contest? Just knowing I’m there is usually enough these days. I had to get a little more creative when he was armed with the pinkys!”. Classic!!!!
Try and get ahold of this, you can reach Mike Netley on facebook or email mike@casebmx.com.

Great stuff Mike! Nuff respect!

9 thoughts on “6 pages of Flat in Issue 2 of Case Magazine!

  1. Brave move sticking 6 pages of flat, all the guys in Pijin were stoked flatland was in there, and commented how positive our uk scene looks…

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