Adam Kun test ride Sevisual video + mini interview

How long you had the frame now Adam?
March 20 arrived, and we filmed March 28.

Thats cool, so just over a week to get used to it. Are you happy with how frame turned out? Any changes to make before production?
Yes when was first practise session i pulled everything so easy and i felt than it will be so good.Yes will be small change.

What will that be?
Dropout to the seattube/TT connection, will be bigger tube like droupout to bb.Because the frame weight is crazy cool .1.52 and we can make it stronger and still cool weight, 1.65 maximum.

Thats great Adam. When do you think the frame will be available?
Uhh good question, i have to testing before they start to make it but  i think end of this year!

Nice Adam, good luck for the ninja spin next weekend!

A-damn session with Adam Kun from sevisual on Vimeo.

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