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The era of ‘zine making during the late 80’s/90’s always to me seemed to fit flatland and the creativity bursting within every flatlander. When I started Totally Intense zine back in the day, I would swap regularly with other zine makers worldwide. The one zine I always dreamed of getting ahold of, was Aggro Rag. The holy grail of all zines. The sine was put together by Mike Daily from the Plywood Hoods who of course changed flatland forever, I was always curious what there zine would be like.
For years, there were just small glimpses from the pages of Freestylin’ to go from, that wetted the appetite to see the zine even more.

Recently the news broke that Aggro Rag was being re-released. I knew that was my chance to finally get the zine I always wanted.
And the issue doesn’t disappoint, I found myself lost for a few hours, nothing else in the world mattered during the first read. I recall my girlfriend trying to have a conversation, to which I listened to how much of that conversation I will let you guess….

Zines likes flatland are so personal, I find the two compliment each other perfectly, the cover of Chad Johnston doing a pedal 5 personally signed by Chad was and is a really nice touch. If you ask me, nothing compares to the zine days, that personal touch cant be matched.

The inside cover is a collage of images from the rap Dennis McCoy bust out on Dorkin’2 with a short interview with Large Ray and DMC. Aggro rag is really a collectors item for any flatlander that has been riding long enough to remember the Dorkin’ era. The main focus of this issue, despite the cover title “the hip hop issue”, the big focus of Issue 13 are interviews.

Interviews with:
Chris Day
Aaron Dull
Frank Garrido
Joe Gruttola
Greg Higgins
Jim Johnston
Chad Johnston
Adam Jung
Craig Lepage
Mark McKee
Dave Nourie
Gary Pollack
Derek Schott
Gerry Smith
Tim Treacy

All these riders made a huge contribution to the sport whether original tricks, or to their scene. The stories are absolutely gripping, the whole issue is so educational.
Maurice Meyer writes about “influences” and his particular influence back in the day at Golden Gate Park, Damon Frost.

There seems to be a running subtext throughout to find out who invented scuffing, the article indeed asks “Why Tim Treacy is the ultimate undergrounder:, with really great insight from Tim himself, Aaron Dull, with Tim Treacy and the backyard. But also these interviews go into detail about the original riders and characters who all contributed in some way to make flatland and BMX what it is today (Derek Schott and the rolaid, Adam Jung – handstand i- hops, Dave Nourie- Old school legend, Joe Gruttola and his infamous accidental one footed double decade, Craig LePage and the Landspeeder, Gary Pollack and the PInky Squeak, Gerry Smith, style icon and smith decade originator, Cover star, Chad Johnston breaks down his brakeless pegless style and talks about the Team Scrounge days, I could go and on.
Besides flatland there of course is hip hop content with insightful interviews with Aesop Rock, Dark Time Sunshine, Death Grips.

If you are at all into the history of flatland, and you want to know where it came from, and why you are doing what you are doing right now, then you need to get ahold of this!
Top marks to Mike Daily, and the Plywood Hoods! Thank you once again for all you have done for flatland! Go order the zine right now, absolute classic!

On 01.01.13 The complete Collection of Aggro Rag will be available, all 12 issues! Including a new exclusive interview with the man himself, Kevin Jones.

Ordering details:

Cost per copy is $10 shipped 1st Class to U.S.
Cost per copy is $11.50 shipped 1st Class International to Canada and Mexico.
Cost per copy is $13 shipped 1st Class International to Worldwide.

This is a limited edition. Please call dibs if you want to buy a copy, then:
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6 thoughts on “Aggro Rag Issue 13

  1. I was able to pick this up in a local bookstore here in Portland (Daily lives here now). Mike also came out to our jam. So stoked on this issue and the prospect of getting issues 1-12 come January!

  2. I ordered one as soon as I found out. It was in the box as I came back from vacations. Like you said E, the issue didn’t disappoint! For someone who as been around since that era, it s a great collector item. Just like Anthony, I can t wait for the re-edition of 1-12.
    BTW – Anthony, Sorry I couldn t make it to the PDX jam when I was in Vancouver earlier this month. Next time…

  3. Hey Anthony. I rode around Portland (Old Orchard) looking for riders today as I was visiting from N.B. Canada. Where can I get a hold of the mag before leaving?

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