Alex Jumelin Bikecheck

Alex just set up a dope new looking Foot Jam bike, heres the word from the main man himself….

“The story behind it is that i was really into having a army green flat color bike for a long time, I’ve been riding a chrome bike for so long so it is different for me…
The past 2 years I was trying to ride a 19.4 and 20. 5 and finally due to my small size the best frame size is 18.7 hahahahaha”

frame: st martin aj foot jam 2013
fork: st martin aj fork 2013
bar: st martin aj bar 2013
stem: superstar 49mm custom paint
grips: odi soft
front wheel: st martin light 36 spokes
back wheel: st martin freecoaster custom paint with 3 different color spokes hahaha
pegs: st martin
seat: st martin aj 2013
crank: st martin splined 155 mm
sprocket: st martin splined 26 t

Visit Alex’s blog for more photos of his new ride:

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