Alex Jumelin wins Nantua Fest

Congratulations to Alex Jumelin, winner of Nantua Fest over in France followed on the podium by Joris Bretagnolles and Varo Hernandez.

The Fise flat academy students cleaned up to with Gabin Jumelin winning the am class and Melissa Droll the girls class. Congratulations!

2 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin wins Nantua Fest

  1. So many top contest placings for decades , an constantly changing riding style ……and still going all out ……i.e. , a silver medal @ the X-Games . Jumelin is one of Flatland’s finest , TIMES 7 . Props to all riders in every class @ this event , too. I remember after my prelim run @ the 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam Alex was noticed that some of the scuff , twitch -switches I did were kind of similar to the ones he did back when he still did things like that in 1998 . ( I’m a huge fan of that kind of stuff and still do it to this day in links. ) I quickly informed him of one of the hardest , first 540 bar flips ever created ……was his , a backwards half hiker , grab the brake under handed , flip the bars 360 ….and right @ that split -second when the bars are going 540…..he would catch the tire , left cross -K , so he could untwist his wrist and grab the bar regular …..kick the K once ,and jump / stomp to his pedals …..his face was intrigued when I told him this because he’s created , done so many things in Flatland that he forgot about that one and hadn’t done or even thought about it in years , ha……Jumelin rules…………

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