Alex Jumelin’s Signature “Humble” Coast Cycle Frame

The news broke yesterday, Alex Jumelin kept us all guessing and we got it wrong. Alex Jumelin’s signature “Humble” frame will be released from Coast Cycles out of Singapore. So far no word on the specs of the frame.

Here’s what Alex had to say on his instagram:
“Coast Cycles is more than a BMX company. Coast is a bike label with a strong knowledge in the bike industry. Quality, strong and light. We worked really hard with the team in Singapore to have this first prototype ready for the new contest season. I’ll be in Singapore next week to test it and film an edit.”

5 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin’s Signature “Humble” Coast Cycle Frame

  1. well I was way off on this one.. but congratulation .. he is one of the best and this is well deserved. hopefully a full edit is coming!

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