23 thoughts on “AMFLT 2013 Toronto Sam Foakes Run 2

  1. Sam, was a pleasure meeting you and such a treat to see you ride in real life! So much originality and style, congrats!

  2. You’re right Viki, he scored a perfect 100 in the originality category. Also, I have to say that watching his riding live far surpasses what you get from seeing it on video. I mean it’s still awesome to see on a video but live it was even more mind blowing. I was literally stunned and couldn’t believe some of the things he was pulling off in front of my eyes during a contest run with total control.

  3. You’re so right about live being way more impressive. I hope most people here understand that and I hope for more people to travel to events, too. To me judging runs live feels different to watching a video afterwards and rethinking the result. The live experience does matter!

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