Anatole Rahain – 2018

I got the chance to see Anatole Rahain ride back in the summer at the Urban Waves contest in Belgium and this dude is on the come up, really dialled. How many talented riders are coming out of France these days?….

2 thoughts on “Anatole Rahain – 2018

  1. Speaking of El Toro , Gary Flyer , which is rad to me that you obviously keep up with ALL disciplines of bmx . Check out ,if you haven’t already …….Lil Juice , a rider on the Cult bmx team who whoppered down THAT famous stair set . It happened a while ago , but its STILL one of THE moments in bmx history , i.m.o. , This guy here rules also ! X-leg nose manual , g-turns , laid down , half-cabbed back to it , and his 3 tap pivot / cab manuals are fresh ! Digging this edit / his combos !

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