Art Thomason 20 hitchhiker jugglers!

Where are all the entries for this awesome contest??? Art opens the hitchhiker juggler contest with a solid 20!

6 thoughts on “Art Thomason 20 hitchhiker jugglers!

  1. There are only 12 more days left. I wonder whos just sort of watching waiting to try and submit on the last day. Making it really hard to up it by 1. Just remember incase of tie the first one that submitted will win. So don’t wait to late you may miss out because you were holding on to it. Also don’t forget about Rule #4!

    Thanks for posting it up Effraim!

  2. I got 22 on film last night but forgot to tell my wife about rule number 4. By the time I looked up to say the magic phrase the camera was shut off haha I’ll have to try again!

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